Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Meanwhile in Britain...Pfffft... 2500 Calories.....

Reds True BBQ have a 2,500 calorie burger, and it looks absolutely epic.
The Holy Cow burger contains 17 mouth watering types of beef, and retails at £25. Available in both Leeds and Manchester, but don’t worry, rumours have it Reds True BBQ will be expanding to London pretty soon.
Heres what this epic burger includes.

  • Carpaccio beef and olive
  • 21hr Texas-smoked brisket
  • Juicy Lucy (melted cheese hidden inside a 100% steak burger)
  • A Parmesan and Jacob’s cracker-crusted pattie made of pulled oxtail and pulled ox cheek with diced
  • slow-smoked ox heart and ox liver
  • Jalapeño and dill pickle relish
  • Thickly sliced mustard-pickled tongue
  • Unholy sticky beef jus
  • Pulled 12hr smoked beef rib
  • Blackened Wagyu rib eye steak
  • Beef bacon
  • Red’s Dirty sauce


  1. A Texas Smoked Brisket? Damn that must be another one of our big exports to the Limeys. They lost me at ox heart and ox liver. That's soul food brotha! There are way better pieces of beef to eat than the one hanging over a cow's ass it's entire life.

  2. I think I saw that come out of a cave in an episode of Dr. Who.


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