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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Meanwhile in The Peoples Democratik Republik of Vermont?

 This is an email I got from one of my blog friends, has anyone in Vermont seen this
as far as driver's license renewal?

It has been recently been related to me the new regulations concerning driver's license renewal in VT. There is a list of afflictions, diseases, disorders, etc.. that are automatic disqualifies. I wasn't privy too the renewal form, or the complete list, but having DIABETES is on the list. The person that told me about this had to take a day off from work to have forms filled out by his physician, then he had to deliver them to the official state physician, then a non-medical tribunal (death panel?) will adjudicate whether he is deserving to clog up the People roads. After doing some digging on the 'Net, he found that non-disclosure of a physical condition would be hazardous to your freedom - the state already knows what you have. They are in hopes you purger yourself, especially since the IRS is in charge of health care now. Fines, jail time, and suspension of driving privileges await you if you don't believe the Feds should be involved in EVERY aspect of your life. So much for HIPPA laws, HUH?
Another thing I was made aware of a while back. Doctor's offices in VT have you fill out a form during a visit. On it,  are questions asking if you own guns, how many, what types, etc.... The questions are not optional, and you can not leave them blank. At the bottom of the form, you are informed that it is a FEDERAL document, and that any false statements are a FEDERAL crime. I imagine "None of your Fuckin' business" would garner you a visit from your friendly local SWAT team at 2am.

I'm tellin' you dude, the amount of crap is getting harder and harder to take. Something is going to break in this country, and it isn't going to be pleasant when it does.


  1. more proof that the government at all levels is trying to control us. I was denied a job in Fla, because I have diabetes and I can't get a DOT CDL endorsement on my DL

  2. I am sorry but None of your Fucking Business is still what I would write down. Fucking sheeple better start getting some balls. Because this kind of shit got to end!!!

  3. Posted this on my FB page. This needs to be read by everyone.

  4. Gotta agree with Falcon

  5. Will be putting this out there. Too important to ignore.


  6. Have you also noticed that the Form 4473 required for purchasing a firearm now requires race and ethnicity. Why do they need to know that?


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