Monday, October 20, 2014

Can Anyone Offer Blog Help For The Malware Hits...

It seems like some readers are getting a Malware hit from The Feral Irishman with Avast.

I am running Avast, have just updated the program and definitions and I don't get any warnings?

Last night I ran a few scans from online sources including google and the site shows up clean.

Can any of the computer gurus out there let me know how to track where it's coming from?

Avast shows a Malware hit.

I deleted the  note for the malware info from Avast.


  1. I received a warning just now. I also run AVAST. I reported it as a "false positive."

    1. Thanks Curmudgeon, I deleted the Avast info in your other comment. See Monty's comment below


  2. clean as a whistle here. nothing showing up at all.

  3. I turned off ad blocking and you're site gives a tremendous amount of popunders.

    My best guess is that one of those ads being served contains the malware. That's a common problem on large ad networks. Often different networks are chained together and it can be difficult to police what crap actually gets served into the website.

    Your site is almost certainly clean.

  4. This happened a couple of years ago with another anti-virus company. It turns out they were throwing out false positives to drum up business. I smell a rat here too. If I remember it was a third party. I'm using Firefox and Bitdefender on a Mac. I've tested your open site 4 times with zero results.

  5. Thanks for all the input guys. I appreciate it!!

  6. Nothing here, but I'm running Ad Blocker and No Script.

  7. Check your browser extensions... Something might have been self-installled in it.

  8. Running Bit defender--no problems

  9. Nothing here, running Ghostery and DoNotTrackMe, using Safari as a browser.
    Deleted previous post for editing.

  10. Avast triggered on this comment page as well as the main page. It may just be triggering on the bad URL you have posted in this and the main page entry. I'd delete that or obfuscate the bad url by replacing it of an image of the url if you want to display it. That may do it. I'm not finding the bad url in the page source other than there. It could still be hiding in a script though.


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