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Friday, September 12, 2014

Relax, I Got This Shit....


  1. Ha! Decades ago I built a "portable ground" for an old ham radio friend as a joke. A baby food jar full of sand with a wire and an alligator clip poked through the lid.

  2. Someone is bucking for a Darwin Award.

  3. That's perfectly acceptable, if you're five inches tall and working inside the bucket. Rain might be a problem. It wouldn't take much to cause an unsafe "standing in water" working condition. That, and since it's a confined space, getting out, without the mandatory egress ladder, will be damn near impossible. I'm sure the safety man will focus on the problem like a laser beam and dictate all work stops, until a non-conductive ladder is installed; and tied at the top.

  4. That is what we used to call a south side hair straightner...


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