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Friday, August 1, 2014

♫♫ Some Blues For Breakfast? .. SRV Tin Pan Alley..♫♫


  1. What a singular talent Stevie Ray was. Saw him play in Knoxville, TN on his Live Alive tour (1987)? Was my first concert ever at the young age of 26. We didn't have much money for things like concerts when I was a teenager so I started late. But what a start! The next concert I attended was Eric Clapton less than one week after SRV was killed. I was certain that Clapton's tour would be cancelled but alas, he continued on.

  2. Saw Stevie do this song at the Santa Barbara County Bowl.
    You could hear a pin drop during the parts where he's tinkling the strings.
    Warm breeze, a good buzz. Sitting on a lawn chair on the grass 10 feet away from one of the greatest players to ever live.
    What a wonderful memory.

    1. The passion in this version is just incredible.


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