Thursday, August 7, 2014

I Really Had To Restrain Myself To Not Have To Pay My Insurance Deductable......


  1. If gun owners were really the violent sort we are made out to be by the antis, this car and other provocations like it would be Swiss cheese! You, like I, show great restraint.

  2. I cannot tell you how many of these idiot hipsters in a Prius have cut me off in traffic while on their cell phone as they are on their way to their Planned Parenthood consultation and Starbucks. What I can tell you is that I've thought about putting these fuckers into a guardrail several hundred times.One of these days...

  3. These cocksuckers are all over the hipster north end here in Boise. The fact that I haven't killed any of them (yet) is a testament to the powers of tolerance. I am in awe that there is not a fucking "coexist" sticker on there but maybe they ran out of room.

  4. I bow to your self-control power....

  5. Tank Crushes Prius - Just The Fun

    To bad you weren't driving this. You wouldn't have had to worry about your deductible and you could have done the planet a favor by lessening the carbon footprint by one less liberal.

  6. Got vet's benefits? Thank you for earning them.

  7. Don't worry everyone---the day is coming - self control or not these morons will get theirs. I would bet my last dollar .45ACP+P and myself can out shoot one of these liberal morons anyday.

  8. Hi Irish,
    'Usta drive Truck, OTR long haul Glass. 'Never left the yard with less than 75,000 lbs. on the scales. What the nutjob driving that thing" doesn't realize is that when I hit him while he is ignoring me while talking on his cellphone as he cuts in front of me and disappears from my view in front of my hood, all I'll notice is a "Thump-Thump" as my truck squashes him like a ripe tomato!! 'Had to lock up my binders more than once to keep from wreckin' one of those nutz!! As one of my old SF buddies would say,"Oh for the simple joys of SERE school!!"
    Gunfire! The sound of Freedom,

    1. I had a lot of patience at that stop light. Lol


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