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Monday, July 21, 2014

Amazing Pictures Of Chernobyl Before And After....

I saw this link over at ACE's.

There is a huge collection of photo's at the links.


There are 3 parts to view

Chernobyl >BEFORE<

Pripyat >BEFORE<

After The Explosion.. >HERE<

The author, Andrew Leatherbarrow is writing a book on the disaster

Webpage >HERE<

If you like, scroll through the images and check out some of the links.  
Some amazing images were captured back when this happened.


  1. Excellent post, Irish - I hope everyone looks at all the pics and takes the time read his web page.

  2. It opened my eyes up. Can you imagine blowing a lid off that weighed 1,000 tons. I was up late reading and looking at the pictures and did not realize how critical 3 mile island was. That post was great. Thanks

  3. I spent two hours looking that the pictures. Probably do it again and take my time this time around.

  4. Wow!
    After all these years, it was great to finally learn so much about that incident.
    Incredible report!


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