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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Up Close And Personal With A Carrier Take Off....


  1. They say that being on the flight deck of a carrier is as stressful as sandpapering a tiger's ass, juggling chain saws, putting out the fire on your pants and doing so all at the same time.....or something like that....it is really, really stressful....from what I hear.

  2. Scary God damned job!
    Thankfully they do it for us!!

  3. A little late to the show for my comment, but here goes. I was on the USS Enterprise (CVN-65), Naval Air Station Alameda, CA Jan 1976 - Dec 1978; USS Eisenhower (CVN-69), Naval Station Norfolk, VA, Jun 1981 - Dec 1985 & USS Nimitz (CVN-68), Naval Station Bremerton, WA Sep 1989 - Dec 1991). Did 4 Western Pacific, 3 Mediterranean 3 Caribbean & 2 North Atlantic cruises. Shellback & Blue Nose. Worked flight deck entire time. Aviation Boatswain Mate (Fuels). There is some pretty hairy shit happening up there. And it happen FAST! Also, standing next to an F-14 on the catapult going into after burner for the launch will absolutely rattle your brain.

    1. DAMN Sheik, that's quite the resume. How did you end up on a post from 2014?????

    2. About the time I quit lurking I started going through your archives. More or less just skimming through, except for the more "visual" ones where I lingered for a while. LOL. Anyway, as you can see i have made it this far.

    3. FUCK... You're gonna know me better than my ex thought SHE did. :)


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