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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sometime You Pause....

Earlier today I had scheduled to meet the truck driver who works for our plating subcontractor.
I have an order of parts to be tin plated and they do the best job at a fair price.

 The plater does work with a company that is located at Pease International Tradeport in Newington NH.  So we decided to meet there.

It used to be Pease Air Force Base before the base closures back in the late 80's early 90's. The base is still home to the New Hampshire Air National Guard and you can watch military transports land and take off right over Route 95

Anyway, I met him in a parking lot and loaded my parts into the back of the box truck. While we were signing off on paper work he said. "Have you ever seen the memorial?" 

I said "No, Which one?"

"The one over there, in front of the National Guard Building" pointing across the street to an area on the diagonal corner to the intersection we were near. " You should go see it, I brought my wife down here just to see it"

 " Really?" I asked

He replied "Ayuh ( he's from Maine), she walked away in tears"

"I'll go now" I said as I shook his hand.

I locked my truck and walked over to the monument that was under a POW MIA flag.

The wreath in front was knocked over so I picked it up and pushed the legs down into the crushed stone as much as I could.

Here is the monument and below a close up of the prayer.  Watch the dust.


  1. Heartbreaking....

    ("The Loneliest Prayer" was written by Airforce Chief
    Master Sergeant Hardy Abbot. It is The Official Poem
    of The National Forget-Me-Not Association, adopted
    in 1987.) POW/MIA

  2. Dang Irish....Durn Dust..I gotta dust my keyboard more often.....


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