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Monday, April 14, 2014

It's 76 Degrees, Winds are 25 to 30 Mph...

 The Shop doors are all open and the breeze is funneling down the hallway.

 This is My View....


  1. Long may she wave (by the breath of those who have died defending her.)

  2. I must assume you rode the bike to work.
    It was warm enough here today to take the new machine out - barely!
    Got a screaming deal on a big cruiser on Friday. By the time I had all the paperwork taken
    care of, it was snowing. It then continued to snow until yesterday afternoon, when I finally went and picked it up.
    It's 58 here and sunny today. Between seeing your video of you on your bike, and a buddy on the road, I couldn't stand it any more and had to break down and buy another one! I don't want to do anything else except ride now - again.

    1. Have fun and enjoy! Be safe out there Timbo.

  3. Ours was snapping in the wind today too. Looked damn fine!


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