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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Irish 3 --- Meese 0

3 days, 3 kills.....

I use a Victor Mousetrap and tape a couple almonds to the paddle. This seems to work
pretty good :)

Here they are, placed outside to feed the hawks or crows..... the circle of life...

One other thing, I would NEVER use Nolan's Cheese .....


  1. I've found penut butter works best.

    1. That's exactly what I was gonna say. Rodents can't seem to resist peanut butter and the smell carries well.

  2. Waste not, want not:


  3. orbitup - yup, they're fools for peanut butter. Seems every three years or so we get mice in the house. Trapped seven of them in a week once. T'was their love for Skippy that put them at risk.

  4. I use peanut butter also. Seems to work great. Reminds me of once upon a time. Wife and I couldn't figure out why the damned cat was eating a particular house plant but there'd be some debris from it on the floor every day. Then one day, while the wife and brats were out of the house, I was walking through the room where that plant was and noticed it moving. But there was the cat in his usual place sound asleep. Move to where I could see what was up and there was a squirrel gnawing on the plant. "You little bastid!" frightened it and, ZOOM!, down the basement steps it went.

    Hopped in the car and ran to the local home depot and asked the first guy I spotted if he had a trap I could use to catch a squirrel. Yup. Was it a BIG squirrel or a SMALL squirrel. Heck, I ain't no squirrel expert. Looked BIG to me. Took my new Havahart home, baited it with peanut butter, placed it at the bottom of the stairs and went about my business.

    Checked the trap about 10 minutes later and sure enough, there was the squirrel, chowing down on the peanut butter. But he wasn't tripping the trap. More like break dancing away in there. By the time I could yell, "You little bastid!" and run down the steps it was gone again.

    Cleaned off the peanut butter and packed up my Havahart and back to Home Depot I went. FOund the same guy lickety-split. "Must be a small squirrel, gimme the other trap."

    Peanut butter, same location, had the little bastid in less than 10 minutes. It was not the shy type. Wife and brats were home by now so smashing the little bastid's head was out of the question. Fortunately I recalled sage advice a wise man had once given me...

    "If yer gonna release some critter what you caught yer house the ya better take it across at least 3 roads and 2 of 'em should be highways if possible." Since the brats didn't trust that I wouldn't just drive around the corner and smash the little bastid's head they gave it a name, Niko, and piled in the car with me and my squirrel and my Havahart. Drove across a road and 2 highways and to the far side of a shopping mall and released the little bastid. The brats cried. Never saw Niko again.


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