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Thursday, February 13, 2014

IF Any Of This Is True It's Gonna Get Ugly...

Chief Nosewetter has a 3 minute clip from a man named Gabe Zolna.

The email he reads is rather disconcerting to say the least.

Here Is The Problem, For Us Soldiers!

Here is the > LINK<


  1. I thought about this for some time. I have tried to play scenarios in my head about our troops. I think most will leave, others will be scared to death knowing what their orders are, and there will be a small bunch dedicated to the socialist cause. If people haven't seen this coming, then they need to get their head out the sand. Why do you think Obama has been replacing top brass with people he knows will take that order. All I say is god help the ones that do.

  2. All branches have been weeding out those with Patriotic attitudes for a while now. They place more and more rules in the way to keep new recruits from getting in and they begin indoctrination on the one's that do get in immediately. We cannot trust anyone that has the stamp of approval from the government or the military now until they have proven themselves to us. Just like I posted a while back why would we trust anyone who made it through their indoctrination process? They have to sing the right tune or they won't stay in period.


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