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Friday, February 7, 2014

Anyone Ever Hear of Orianthi Panagaris? .... WOW

I just heard some of her music on Pandora for the first time.....


  1. Yeah, she wails on the sixer. Here with Stevie Vai at the link.


  2. 1. Wow, she can really, really play; 2. She's hot, to boot; 3. Her singing Voodoo Child was a bridge too far; 4. Carlos Santana is still conversing with Stevie Ray Vaughan?

    Thanks for posting! Never heard her, or heard of her, before.

  3. IIRC she played with Carlos Santana for quite awhile, and also for Michael Jackson. Last i heard she was Alice Cooper's lead.

  4. I heard of her several years ago and I agree with Bayouwolf, she can wail on a guitar.
    Bluesy goodness or speed, she can rock!

    I actually forgot about her until now.
    I would think someone with that amazing talent would be a front liner by now.

  5. I posted about her at TheSiteThatWIllNotBeNamed. Hot babe, hot licks.


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