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Monday, January 6, 2014

What the hell is up with blogger?

I take off a few days and now 
I can't insert images..WTF?

Anyone got any pointers on this? Anyone else having issues?

It won't let me find images from my computer.......


  1. I don't know it's been buggy all day as for a workaround on your issue I have no idea.Quite helpful i am:)

  2. I can post pictures, but not YouTube videos or links. Haven't been able to do so in two years. But I refuse to move to the new Google as I lost too much in trying it. I would change blogger sites but would loose years of stuff.

  3. As I recall, blogger has always had problems inserting certain formats of pics. You can always do JPG but some of the others like GIF, TIF, had problems. When you are just cutting and pasting from the internet it is easy to forget to check the format of the originating pic.

  4. No images for me either....Is the whole blogger nation on brain freeze or what?...Negative temps do all that?...Format change is not the issue here.


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