Thursday, September 5, 2013

Take A Stroll Down Memory Lane......

Check out all the great things from the past.....

Do you remember any of these?

Here's the  >>> VIDEO <<<


  1. I remember summer days, when we'd eat breakfast and listen to the tube radio. Television didn't start until after we woke, so by the time it came on, my mother would probably be hanging clothes on the clothesline, so they could dry before she started supper in the afternoon.

  2. Thank you, Irish - that was so nice of you! The video DID bring back a lot of good memories from
    long ago....

  3. At 71 years of age you betcha yoyr sweet life I remember them all.

    Especially when my mother was doing a wash and everything white had to be boiled in a pot of hot water and starch, including the bed sheets (only solid white availabe in those days) underware, handkerchiefs and table cloths. They all came out like cardboard.


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