Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sugar 'Em Up And Send "Em To School...

For the record.. I'm not trying to be a food Nazi. These are just my opinions.

I stopped at the local "health food" earthy crunchy establishment for my coffee this morning.
They do have some good imported coffee that beats the other places like Micky D's or
Cumberland Farms.  Anyway, I head to the door and this sign greets me:

Damn....  I have always struggled with my weight so I do enjoy reading various books on nutrition.
Paleo and low carb seem to have definite benefits in the long run.
  According to what I have read, and when I do follow it, the diet/ lifestyle works.

Anyway, I was kind of surprised at this sign and the ingredients for a kids sandwich before school.

Check out Peanut Butter:


Check out Banana's :

(My opinion is this is the only thing worth eating on the list)

Now Wheat:

There is evidence that wheat is causing a lot of issues as far as diet, obesity and diabetes. As 
with anything there are always two schools of thought on this. I find (for me) that cutting out all
flour and wheat products makes a big difference ( beer being my downfall). I have been tested
for gluten intolerance and the test came back negative. Some people can have symptoms without
testing positive.

Wheat Belly is a great book that explains the latest findings and issues associated with wheat.

and now the Cream of the Crop.... NUTELLA...

This stuff is DELICIOUS  but in my opinion it's just a spreadable candy bar.....

They were sued and lost a class action suit based on their "HEALTH CLAIMS"

IF you add up the amount of sugar is this one"nutritious" roll up it's scary.
 This is only one sandwich now think about how much sugar these kids are eating all day?


  1. Two tablespoons of nutella has 21 grams of sugar!
    I don't even know how you could fit 21 grams of sugar into two tablespoons!
    I agree with you on diet it seems. Meats and vegetables is the ticket. It takes a long time to burn.

  2. Mmmmmm. Spreadable candy bars - yum!

  3. To be completely fair, one can obtain peanut butter without added sucrose. But yeah, Nutella...
    We Americans like to take so-called 'healthy' stuff and pervert it.
    Witness granola - with chocolate chips or M&Ms in it! And powdered milk.


  4. A snickers bar has less calories and tastes better.

  5. Dude - Nutella is fricken cancer in a bottle, just like sunscreen and hand sanitzer.... check out this video.... look past the fact that this is french - and watch the video as a followup as to why to NEVER eat that crap..


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