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Saturday, August 10, 2013

So... The Gummint Wants To Diversify Neighborhoods Huh?.. I will so be looking forward to .....

... this, at the local watering hole.


  1. Welcome to animal planet. I just can not beleive this government anymore!!!

  2. Are you sure this is real? In Kansas City at least six 9mm Glocks would have been pulled and multiple shots fired most hitting bystanders of course.

  3. And that is the issue:

    Good people live in good neighborhoods because we have good behavior, which leads to better income and therefore we can afford to live in the good neighborhoods where such things are rare....We make better decisions. It is, sort of, a filtering process.

    Badly behaving people who make poor decisions live in less civilized neighborhoods where such things happen. They filter to the bottom, as it were.

    Better neighborhoods are not a matter of location, or economic factors but are, in fact, the result of better behavior....the economics follow, or are a side effect of better behavior and decisonmaking. THese people filter to the to.

    All the "diversity" does is tarnish the good neighborhoods with the bad. It screws up the filtering.

  4. A herd of hogs fighting over ... what? Did the one hold out on her pimp? Those fat pigs had better get back to working the streets, their handler needs a new set of spinners.

  5. 1, LOVE the comment "Is my burger done yet?"
    2. I wonder if they all remembered their "Family Reunion' T-shirts.
    Yep, family night special, bring the kids, all Happy Meals half off; come early to get a good table!

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  7. Now you know why I want to move to NH Irish. This diner is half an hour away. Fucking animals.


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