Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Crowds of people at firework displays, singing along with patriot songs as the fireworks go off.

More than half of them voted for Obama.


  1. Makes me sick of the hypocracy. They are just like the ass suckin colaborators with the Nazi's in wwII!!!!!

  2. I still can not understand how that Moron and all his cronies got back in. Well, at any rate, Happy 4th to all.

  3. Not that I like Obama, but please explain to me how voting, which a constitutional right, Is Unamerican?
    The Constitution guarantees freedom for all and their own beliefs ! Not just yours...
    To think otherwise, now THAT would be Un-American !!
    This is one of the failings of Democratic elections, sometimes the people are idiots.

    Wouldn't have it any other way...

    1. Where did I say that voting was unamerican? Everyone that is a legal citizen should get ONE vote.
      I think you should also have to show an ID. I have no problem at all with the results of elections
      that are conducted fairly. Not like what we have seen in the recent past.

      I agree, Obama won ( how he did is up for debate). All of us will see the repercussions of that.

    2. Didn't say that you said that. Just stating that it would be if we didn't abide by the results. As to whether it was a fair election, well there is debate about both sides in that one. One of these days we will wise up and realize that neither of the two have the peoples best interests in mind.
      To say that those who voted for voted Obummer were somehow not patriotic is incorrect in my mind.
      They just think differently, it's up to us, to change their minds. With better solutions that we all can live with.

    3. Spud, you aren't going to change their minds by appealing to reason. Someone who has lived off the government teat their whole lives, who would have to take a cut in their lifestyle if they had to get a job, will ALWAYS vote for the pol who will make certain that they don't have to get a job. When government, through malfeasance and misfeasance (or sheer incompetence), makes certain that close to half of the country is dependent on government, then it is nearly impossible to change minds. After all, why work when everything is "free"?

    4. Hi Spud.. there is no way to change their minds. I live in Mass. They elected Elizabeth Warren and now Ed Markey. The only reason is because of a "D" after their names. I have had many "discussions" that get the responses of "Bush Sucked" " You Watch Faux News" " Republicans hate ( insert the noun du jour)". I gave up trying to reason. I don't bother any more. I know the people that think like me and the one's that don't. I chose my conversation based on my surroundings. It isn't worth it.

  4. I'm still not convinced somebody didn't dick with the electronic voting machines and steal the election. I might be wrong, but I haven't found anyone that actually knows how ALL the votes were counted.


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