Friday, June 7, 2013

Avast AntiVirus is Reporting Trojan Horse at Drudge and Ace of Spades....

My Anti - virus software is showing blocked trojan horses at both those sites.

It could be the ads or one of the links.  I'm not that smaht to nail it down.

Is anyone else getting those warnings?

Here is the report warning from Drudge:


Infection Details

Process:C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox...
Infection:HTML:Iframe-AMG [Trj]


  1. No warnings on Drudge today, but sometimes I do get get the warning on his, Breitbart & The Blaze. I just re-load and it goes away.

  2. Avast is reporting the same to me on Facebook today

  3. I have gotten them today on facebook (in games) husband cleared cache thoroughly, but it still comes up, even more now...

  4. WebRoot has recently given me a couple warnings from previously trusted sites from FB-friend linkery.

  5. Received this warning from Firefox three times today playing slots on Facebook using winxpprosp3

  6. It was in facebook zynga wizard of oz slots only so far.


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