Friday, June 21, 2013

A Balloon Full Of Obama Promises...........

 A hot air balloon  got tangled in power lines in earlier this morning and cut the power to the 
area for about an hour.

image from WMUR.

One whole hour.....................


  1. Oh my God ... are you OK? An hour is a really long time. You never realize just how long until some fucking asshole with a hot air balloon lands on the power lines. Actually the lines look fine. The power company threw a breaker so they could extract the balloon safely, I'll bet.

    I can tell by your banner it's Summer. Happy Summer Solstice! That's a big holiday in San Francisco. That's when all the queers come out and plant Pansies.

    1. LOL! Happy Summer Solstice Odie.. I made it through with no withdrawals :)

  2. Lol, you poor man, did you ever think of getting a smart phone? It MIGHT have soothed your withdrawals...........;-)


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