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Friday, May 31, 2013

Vice President Joe Biden publicly identified them on May 3, 2011.....

I got this from The Furious Frenchman, he asked me to post it...

The media is now consistently referring to three scandals engulfing the Obama presidency, even using a shorthand expression such as a “trifecta” of troubling incidents. Yet, there is a scandal brewing that is worse than the Department of Justice violating freedom of the press, the Internal Revenue Service abusing its power and four Americans left to die at the hands of jihadists in Benghazi, Libya.

Navy SEAL Team Six, the heroic unit that killed Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan in May 2011, is in grave danger due to the reckless actions of the Obama administration. The parents of three SEALs recently said the government bears criminal culpability in the deaths of their sons.


In that moment, the vice president revealed to the world the name of the unit that had tracked down and killed America’s foremost enemy. Every jihadist seeking to avenge Bin Laden’s death was given a clear target.
Even more astonishing, in that speech, Mr. Biden waxed eloquent on the fact that the whole mission had remained secret prior to the raid.



  1. The only thing that keeps my head from exploding over that idiot's automatic mouth is the knowledge that all of our SpecOp people are, and have been, at the top of the Jihadi's list since before the bin Laden killing. If that bird had carried Force Recon or the boys in the Girl Scout Hats they would have done the same thing. Hell, the only thing different about this shootdown is that they would have, perhaps, risked fewer of their own lives had that bird been loaded with the 438 Mess Kit Repair Platoon, but even then I'm not so sure seeing as how they happily strap bombs on themselves to blow up marketplaces.

    My real question is how come the Taleban assholes managed to shoot off an RPG where that Chinook was landing in the first place. The brass is always bragging how much those drones can see, why wasn't that LZ under observation? Is there not one sumbitch over E-7 allowed to think anymore?

  2. Joe dumbass Biden should be in jail right now. It amazes me that I work with a few people that actually wanted to vote for Joe Biden in the primaries, because they thought he would be a great president.

  3. He never ceases to amaze, and not in a good way.


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