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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

ZOMG.. The Drinking Water Contains "Dihydrogen Monoxide".. People Panic.. DJ's Suspended for Joke..

What a bunch of fucking morons that live in this country....

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla. (NBC) -- A Florida radio station's April fools' prank landed two morning hosts in hot water on Monday.
The day is notorious for pulling pranks. April Fools' Day at gator country has always been fun…until now.
A hoax by "Val and Scott in the Morning" sent people into a panic, concerned over lee county's water quality.
"This messes with the big 3--food, water and shelter--you can't mess with those and we did.,” said General Manager Tony Renda.
Renda heard the prank as he pulled into the Bonita Springs Station around 8:30 this morning.
"Frustration and surprise. For years they've put on great radio and, every year, April Fools' Day is something fun. This year was a little bit different,” said Renda.
Val and Scott were joking that "dihydrogen monoxide" was coming out of Lee County residents' taps.
That's another name for water -- but many who didn't know that thought it may be unsafe to drink. That led to several calls at Lee County Utilities.
"They were asking about the water quality, and we wanted to reassure them that the water was safe to drink,” said Patty DiPiero.
Lee County Utilities immediately called Gator Country to find out if they'd been fooled themselves.
"So we went ahead and contacted the general manager and the station to get them to stop reporting that and to let them know that the water was safe to drink.,” said DiPiero.
The utilities department then issued a press release, letting the public know they are not having any issues with the water supply and the water is safe to drink.
Gator Country spent the day getting that message out, and apologizing through their other hosts.
As for Val and Scott, they've been suspended indefinitely.



  1. I don't know what's worse....that these idiots lack even a minimal understanding of Science, or that they didn't recognize this joke that's been around for years.

    And you're right, Duke. These "citizens" get to vote.

  2. This is some of the problem in this country today. People have lost their sense of humor. Of course the ones to stupid to know what Dihydrogen Monoxide is tells a sad tale of the state of education we are in.

  3. I probably heard this joke 30 years or more ago. That the 2 host were suspended indefinitely is more stupid than the people who didn't know any better. Just damn!
    There's gonna be some unpleasant surprised ahead for the stupid. Then we'll hear them squeal!


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