Wednesday, April 17, 2013

pResident Pantywaist ..The Petulant Child..

God this is so hard to watch  BUT it does make me happy to see another FAIL for him.


  1. What amazes me is that Joe Bite-me can stand there with a look on his face like he's smelling a cat turd for the whole time BO is having a fit.

  2. What a crybaby. I have no problem with something being long as it's something that CAN do something to actually prevent another Sandy Hook. The gun bill that was very rightfully defeated would NOT have done a damned thing except make a lot more law-abiding citizens into accidental felons.

    1. Dirk, I don't think Diane Shitstain and Il Douche wanted to turn law-abiding citizens into accidental felons. I think their intent was to turn law-abiding citizens into not-so-accidental felons so the government could justify seizing their weapons. Obama stated flat out he wanted to be ruler of America. Which in his case is the proper ambition, because he can't lead for shit.
      The Left does not want citizens, they want subjects. They know gun control, i.e., gun registration and gun confiscation is the only way to get what they want. Remember: never let a crisis go to waste. And, they don't, even if they have to manufacture a crisis. If you'll notice, all of the mass shootings, and many of the shootings with lower body counts, are done by crazy leftists. The Tucson shooting: crazy leftist anarchist. Aurora: crazy leftist. Newtown: crazy leftist. It's no wonder the Democrats don't want do solve the problem. The problem is caused by the Democrat base, and exacerbated by Democrat policies like "normalizing" or "socializing" the mentally ill, instead of locking them away from society for treatment where they can't bring harm to themselves or others.

  3. Irish, you could not PAY me to watch that douchnozzle speak. I have already destoyed 3 flat screens watching that asshole lie through his teeth.

  4. He seemed more upset here over his failed gun control than the day before when he was talking about Americans being maimed and murdered in Boston.

  5. What is funny about that picture is that Obama is flanked on his right by a women who was shot in brain and on his left is guy who has no brain. That is our leadership in a nutshell.


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