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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I Couldn't Have Said It ANY Better........


AWD awoke this morning with an email from my bank that my tax payment had cleared. The payment took a healthy chunk out of our savings. After paying a boatload in taxes taken through payroll taxes (which increased $400 per month for me in January….thanks, Barack!), AWD ended up owing even more!
AWD doesn’t mind paying taxes. What a feeling of patriotic pride I feel knowing that my hard-earned wealth is seized by government corruptocrats to fund the rebuilding of mosques in Egypt. Or sending arms to the Muslim Brotherhood they can use to kill Americans around the world. AWD hasn’t had a real vacation in six years but I love funding the vacations of worthless politicians like the globe-trotting Obamas or Sheila Jackson Lee, who just got back from a world vacation with you and me footing the bill. She could have at least sent a post card...................



  1. Gotta love AWD, he does tell it like it is.......;-)

  2. If your taxes went up by $400 a month, then it seems to me that you are doing a whole lot better than half of the country is. Most would just love to have the misfortune of having to pay higher taxes...
    Not that I believe in paying higher taxes mind you ! Just says that you're doing well in a shitty economy


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