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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Here Ya Go Boys and Girls.. Raise Your Mug Of Frosty Beer and Sing Along...

..this will be stuck in your head all night.

h/t to "Biscuits"


  1. While watching and listening, I had a feeling that the people singing this were all just cleaned up irresponsible protestor types and then this line hit me like a ton of bricks "...and these days I show my dissent by loitering in my tent...". That is way too much like the useless hippies of the Occupy Wallstreet crowd to have me appreciate the song or its sentiment. I was too busy working, earning my living, to do things like that in my lifetime, while people like them soaked lived off of my taxes by way of government handouts. Maybe I have them and their sentiment all wrong but they just seem so much like Ocupy Wallstreet types I want to puke.

    All the best,

    1. Good morning Glenn, I did take that into consideration while listening and reading the lyrics. I just found it a catchy tune and anyone "buggering" the politicians and beaureacrats is fine by me.


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