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Monday, November 19, 2012

It's MILFY MONDAY!!..... Where Art Thou Wirecutter?


  1. Snooty English grammar-nazi here: do you actually mean "why are you Wirecutter?", since "wherefore" actually means essentially "why"?

    1. If Pissed was asking "why are you Wirecutter?" as you suggest, the logical answer would be, because that is my nick name. But he actually was asking "where are you, Wire Cutter" knowing that the man is on break somewhere with a heavy heart while wishing he would come back so those two could continue playing off of each other for our entertainment.

      The phrasing of the question may have been grammatically inaccurate, but it was easily understandable as a bit of endearment to the English language of Shakespeares time.

      Now someone can weigh in my bullshit.

    2. Thanks John Henry :)

      Thanks Snooty... I am an engineering major and english was that last thing I enjoyed studying. Although it wasn't as bad as french. I appreciate the lesson. It's nice to see smart people stop by my blog :)

    3. Thou misbegotten fly-bitten flax-wench!

    4. Has't Thou been hitting the mead a wee bit early cranky john?

    5. Thy wit is a very bitter sweeting, it is a most sharp sauce.

      No, but I am hungover.

  2. Anon, Really? Just enjoy the view.

    I'm so glad you're carrying on a great tradition in Wirecuter's absence.

  3. That line up was a balloon contest.

  4. Pissed, you realize with Wirecutter on hiatus, you will have to provide all the babes to equal the output that you and Wirecutter did together.


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