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Sunday, September 30, 2012

One Day We Will Wake Up To Really Bad News...

I found this over at DOUG ROSS JOURNAL It is well worth watchng this 19 minute viral video.

Whether or not you are pro or anti Israel this situation will not end well for anyone.

A new, 18-minute mini-documentary follows the journey of Irina, a 23-year-old liberal, Jewish New Yorker who voted for Obama in 2008. Yet as her connection to Israel has grown, and she has learned more about the President's policies across the Middle East and towards Israel in particular, Irina has come to realize that "when the chips are down," the President may not "have Israel's back"...

Pay attention to our so called leader's comments and the news clip,s they are very telling.

Also notice how much Koolaid these people drank believing the shit Obambi was selling.

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