Friday, April 6, 2012


.....or at least would have considered it.


  1. No,but i have beat the unruley fuckers down with the flat side of a a boy i was a horse holder for my grandpappy,the blacksmith.try holding them yearlings when you start too interduce them to the ways of teaching"smart guys" about liberty.

  2. I once staggered a horse hitting it when I was younger. The bitch bit me for no reason so I slammed my fist down between her eyes; she damn near dropped to her knees. I got off her and wouldn't try riding her again. Any time I came near her after that she would lay back her ears and give me that crazy look (if you've been around horses much, you know the one I mean) meaning that I should stay away from her teeth and hooves. That was in 1969, and I haven't been on one since.


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