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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Quadrotor With Machine Gun... Some of You Will Want One Of These :)


  1. One of these are why I want a class III Saiga twelve gauge.

  2. I need one more than the number that I'm willing to blow up... which is a pretty big number.

  3. Saw this at TTAG...don't know why I even bothered going there...they claim us fake...but they should know about fake!!
    Want one...but if I see one...10 gauge with 3.5 inch loads is coming out!!

  4. As for hypothetical situations, I wonder how hard it would be for a savvy hacker to override the control sequence on one of these so that it could be either neutralized or better yet, turned back toward whoever sent it? Of course, as has been pointed out, they WOULD make interesting skeet.

  5. Afterthought - does anyone remember the scene in that sorta crappy flick, 'Robocop' in which the new generation heavily armed bot was being demonstrated to the community leaders and businessmen?
    'Drop your weapon' "Wait, I don't have a weapon!'


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