Thursday, January 12, 2012

Guns? DC? Near Schools? Un-possible I Thought......

WASHINGTON - Three teenage males were shot in three Southeast D.C. locations Thursday morning, including one in front of Martin Luther King Elementary School, police say. 


 The victims are between the ages of 16 and 19. At least two of the victims suffered non-life threatening injuries, but a third victim appeared to be more seriously wounded. 


I'm sure those fine choir boys went thru all these steps......


1. Acquire the D.C. MPD “Firearms Registration General Requirements and Study Guide,” Application for Firearms Registration Certificate, and Statement of Eligibility.
2. Attend the Mandatory Gun Safety Class
3. Buy a handgun
4. Meet with Mr. Charles Sykes (to sign the required Firearms Registration Certificate in his presence)
5. Obtain Two Passport-Size Photos
6. File Your Registration Application, Pay the Fees, Get Fingerprinted, and Take the Test
7. Obtain the Approved Firearms Registration Certificate
8. Visit Mr. Charles Sykes Again (to transfer the handgun)
9. Visit the Firearms Registration Section Again
10. Take the Handgun Home


  1. I'm sure their guns were totally legit. You don't think that anyone would illegally carry a gun in DC do you? I mean they have all those laws!

  2. It was the choirboys, one of them tripped and the gun accidentally discharged.


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