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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What do Girls Look At?

and one for the girls per request :)


  1. I loved this! Too funny. I'd never even thought about this topic until a few years ago when a bunch of guys I worked with were talking about one of the other gals in the company. They said, "Yeah, she's a crotch-watcher." I said, "What?!?" "Yeah, total crotch-watcher. The whole time she's talking to you, her eyes keep drifting to your crotch." I was very amused. Afterwards, however, I was horrified. While it had never occurred to me to check out someone's package prior to that day, I suddenly found that I couldn't keep from at least glancing. Of course, on the flipside of that, we had a VP who could probably never recognize a headshot of any of the women in his division but could pick any of them out of a line-up that only showed the chest.

  2. just be observant as you walk down the street. As you pass a young woman coming the opposite way, make eye contact. Watch closely, as her eyes lower to break eye contact, her eyes will do the crotch check on the way to the pavement.
    The video results are skewed, because the dude talks too much and breaks the cloak of anonymity for the ladies. Women are very discreet in their ogling.

  3. I really wish I had biceps. And a crotch.


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