Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Letter to Bonefish.... from Bubba.. a MUST READ.

Bubba handles the situation and puts forward some great points .......

On Thursday, July 21 2011, my wife and I sat and prepared to have a wonderful meal at your fine restuarant; BoneFish at North Hills Raleigh. Halfway through the appetizer of Bam Bam Shrimp, which is one of my wife’s all time favorites, we had a visitor at our table.
A member of the North Hills mall security came and asked if I was in possession of a sidearm. When I answered yes, I was asked to remove my weapon from the premises. I went to my vehicle, removed the sidearm which was in an open carry, belt-mount holster, and locked it inside.
Then my wife and I decided to leave, even though the manager invited us to stay and finish our meal, free of charge, apologizing for the incident.



  1. I had just read it and then saw your post. The one decent thing is the fact that at least the cop wasn't an idiot which we've had our fill of lately.

  2. At least it was handled well, though I have to wonder at the manager's thought process.


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