Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jesus on Walmart Receipt....

It seems that a "COUPLE" got a Walmart receipt that has a resemblance of Jesus on it.

My friend was telling me about it this morning as he was listening to the Howie Carr show on WRKO in Boston.

They have people call in and comment on the stories.

This was the comment that had my friend in tears as he called me:

Commenter: "Thats nothing.. I saw the likeness of Obama on my pinkslip!"



  1. Uh, are those two living together? Story is that they are engaged and that this was their apartment.

    Living in sin, kids. This is a message to you sinners!


  2. That ain't Jesus - looks more like Charlie or Jerry (Manson or Garcia) to me...

  3. Oh, and I've gotta be honest...

    I couldn't help a few sinful thoughts looking at the vid of "Gentry Lee"...

    "Lord, I 'pologize for that right there..."


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