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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"HAPPY NEW BEERS EVE" to my readers!

One of my facebook friends put a post on this morning that was about something I had never heard of.
It seems that Today is celebrated as "NEW BEERS EVE" which marked the end of prohibition.
On the evening of April 6th people lined up to legally purchase beer after 13 years of it being illegal!

I've been around for almost half a century, I've had my share of the "devil's brew" and have never heard of this. Therefore , only once, will I thank Al Gore for inventing the internets. Now I can learn information like this and also download pictures of silly cats and boobies!!



  1. I have a new post set to publish tomorrow morning about my go-to beer. Unless I get thirsty and publish it earlier...

  2. Drink posted!



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