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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Here, hold my Rakia*....I have an idea.....

Bulgarian man 1 "Hey I think we might have rabies and evil spirits in the village!"
Bulagrian man 2 "Oh no.. wait....I have an idea"
Bulagrian man 1 "Great! what is it?"
Bulgarian man 2 "Well, we'll go down to the river and set up 2 poles on either side, then we will run some rope from the top of one pole to the top of the other other"
Bulgarian man1 "Ya, and then what?"
Bulgarian man2 " Then we will get the dogs and wind them up in the rope. when we let them go they will spin wildly and fall into the river!"
Bulgarian man1 " Do you think that will work?"
Bugarian man 2 " But of course it will. You go get the villagers and I will get the poles, some rope and dogs" :)

an thus they warded off evil spirits and rabies at least until PETA found out.........


Disclaimer..I love animals and was amazed at watching this and in
no way do I condone treating any animal like that. SOME humans I wouldnt hesitate to do this to.

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