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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

What Will Happen?

  When do we see investigations into all the players that are working to damage this

administration? When do we see the indictments and arrests and trials? Are all the players

of the Kavanaugh circus being investigated? Who is funding all of this? 

 It would be nice if we could see some law enforcement actually doing law enforcement.

Which brings me to this post that Taxihack did back in January.... It's still a relevant question:


UPDATED... I see my buddy PHIL is trying to explain things to Hillary. <<<<<<


  1. Different Congress next year. Fewer Whigs (and Democrats).

  2. Replies
    1. So true. And I just bought a nice .40 so that when IT starts I have options for ammo-scrounging.

  3. absolutely nothing

    1. I actually think that the left has overplayed their hand, by a long shot this time. They still refuse to accept the results of the Presidential election, from 2 years ago. And by continuing to assault the conservatives, this time with out and out lies, they are digging a hole that might serve as their own graves.
      I sadly have many friends and relatives who are part of the loony left, I mean totally sold out. And I can't even engage in a civil conversation with any of them now, as they are only vicious and hateful. The thing that they forget is that like myself, most of us on the right are normally quite kind and decent people. But we are also the descendants of those who fought King of England and won, with a rag tag bunch of farmers and whiskey distillers. While we don't all have their blood in our veins, we do have their hearts and souls, and will not forever stand by quietly and allow those on the left to destroy a nation built on laws by people determined to remain free. If I were a liberal, I would not force the hand of those on the right, since those on the right will for sure win.

    2. @pigpen51

      From your keyboard to G-d's inbox.

      And if IT starts... WHEN it starts... I'll stand with any America-loving patriot to fight the Left.

  4. If I was a liberal I would not keep poking the bear......


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