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Thursday, May 25, 2017

UPDATE: Winner, Winner! Give Him A Chicken Dinner! He Will Probably Be a "Shoe-In"!

Despite the left's best effort, the conservative WON!

A Montana House GOP candidate has been cited for "body slamming" a reporter and telling him to "get the hell out". The polls indicate (we've all heard that BS before) a "neck to neck" race for the House seat. While the GOP and many of it's members are far from perfect, I cannot see a "red state" like Montana voting for a candidate running on a ticket whose party openly supports a liberal/communist agenda. I do not claim to know anything about either candidate or Montana politics, but I do know many members of the media need to be "body-slammed" or worse!

                                                                                                                                 Story HERE


  1. Crow tribe endorsed Gianforte, they know a warrior when they see one. Reporter is a liberal hack

  2. A "lock" was my take when I heard about this and heard the sound of the event. The dip deserved everything he got for interrupting an on-going interview and shoving his mike into the candidates face and acting like some kind of special snowflake. I hope Gianforte wins in a landslide!

  3. Annnnnd, he's elected.



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