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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Twist The Throttle.....


  1. Looks fun as shit, but that's a pretty screwed up road!
    Any Idea where?

    1. This Reddit says it's a road on kangaroo island


  2. The jet is cool, but unless you have a thousand mile extension cord, how long will the battery last? How much batter power will it use lifting humans? Electric car batteries weight about 800 lbs and will last for about 300 miles. I don't see that as happening with this bird... yet.

  3. Oh yeah. On my bucket list for completing my never ending exploration of Australia. Kangaroo Island is off the South Australian coast, bang in the middle of Bass Straight. Cold, windy and loaded with wildlife. Summer is the time to go, like the Faroe Islands around Scotland.
    Done the all of the Capitol cities and many of the fascinating Islands dotting the Oz coastline.


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