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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What if You or I Made This Mistake?

SALEM, N.H. (AP) - Police in Salem, New Hampshire, have recovered a rifle that fell off a cruiser as an officer drove out of the police station parking lot.
The officer placed a black canvas bag containing the rifle on the trunk of his car while he prepared for duty Tuesday afternoon; he didn't notice it was missing until eight hours later.
An extensive search turned up no sign of the weapon. Police asked anyone who may have picked it up to return it -- no questions asked -- either to police or to a local gun shop. A Good Samaritan who saw the information Wednesday found it and turned it in to police.
Police said they are embarrassed by the failure to follow established procedures.

 I'm sure we would just be able to get the rifle back and shrug our shoulders and say "Ooops"


  1. If I saw it fall off a police cruiser I might send them the stripped lower receiver back. Finders, keepers...

    After my recent dealings with lying, thieving cops and how they back each other I have no respect. Our society is broken beyond repair.

  2. I would melt down the lower and sell it to a scrapyard...

  3. Keep the rifle and fill the bag with doughnuts

  4. Nope officer haven't seen it. How did you lose it again??

  5. Police and federal law enforcement lose hundreds of weapons per year. Most common place is in the bathroom.


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