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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Are Your Blogger Comments Not Being Forwarded To Your Email?

 I got this tip from BW and Chickenmom..

It works:

Try this. I got it from another blog.

On your Blogger dashboard, click on Settings on the left sidebar, then click on Email.

In the Comment Email Notification box, delete your email address

Click on Save Settings up in the right hand corner (don't skip this step!),
then go back to the Comment Email Notification box and type in your email address again.

Then click on Save Settings again (don't skip this step!)

You will immediately receive an email from Blogger in your email account asking you to subscribe to notifications -- click on "subscribe" in that email and that's it!

You will begin receiving blog comments in your email account once more!


  1. After sending this to a few people I finally got around to doing this on my own blog today. It works.

  2. Hey Irish;

    Thank you, I was wondering about that.

  3. Thanks Irish, I've been wondering what happened !


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