Sunday, April 1, 2018

Kids are crying,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Let's burn the Constitution!

More on this subject from WRSA here.


  1. These Tide Pod eating, condom sniffing children don't realize OUR resolve.

  2. Of course very few people believe it will happen here. But think about the FISA court. When they created it they swore that there were safe guards and of course no president would misues that kind of power. Then think about he easily and quickly Obama did exactly that; misused the FISA court and weaponized it against his political enemies. Did it without a single MSM making a "peep" about it. Did it without any bureaucrats, whistle blowers or "good" people saying anything about it. THAT is how quickly they could turn our government against the people if we didn't have guns. They would be total fools to do it against an armed citizenry but if we didn't have guns...


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