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Monday, January 12, 2015

You Need to WATCH This IF You Will Ever Be Driving In Adverse Conditions...

.. I saw this linked at MrB'S, he writes:

Watch the video below. LOOK AT HOW FAST the cars approach the pileup.
WAY too fast for conditions.  Like 40 MPH too fast.

Jesus, people, slow down according to conditions. 

I find it AMAZING that only one person was killed. As you can see it only takes an
instant for shit to go down hill. 



  1. This is Wednesday Jan 7, 2015 on I-94 near Galesburg, Michigan. Cars and trucks going too fast in the blowing snow whiteout at about 10 am. One truck with 44,000 lbs of fireworks caught fire and exploded injuring a couple firefighters. The hwy was closed both ways for several days to clear 193 vehicles (including a chemical tanker) from the road. It was finally reopened Sunday. It is a miracle there was only one truck driver killed and about 15+ others with minor injuries.

  2. waaaaaaay to fast for conditions.

    Is snow an unusual thing around those parts?


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