Friday, April 19, 2024

What Do They Know That They Aren't Telling Us?


 Good friend Phil sent this over last evcning with the note "This is a new one"



From the "Lame Cherry Blog" :

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I first heard about this on and it was puzzling as real estate policies for insurance and then airlines were changing policy over flyer miles.

Read the quote from Armstrong and I will meet you on the other side.








  1. The premise is one that hasn't been used yet, as we all know, so this could very well happen, the manipulators and sycophants are evil, not stupid. I will also suggest there will be more freeway "protests", similar to a few days ago, with some of them being more violent. And I would prefer to be wrong.

  2. I remember seeing something about Hillary planning on setting off a dirty nuke in the US if she had won. Something about using it as a pretense to start a war and suspend elections.
    But their plans got postponed due to DJT. I guess they are going to try again..

  3. Did you notice that the German government has announced a ruling that bans us peons driving our own cars on weekends? For climate change, of course.

    Fits right in with this. Keeps people out of church if it's not within walking distance. Pushes the "15 minute city" bullshit. An Al Gore wet dream.

  4. "fuel shortages do not damage people's property" Au contraire. No heating oil or nat. gas for a roughly 24 hour period in cold climes during winter causes pipes to freeze doing catastrophic water damage.

    As to the rest: flying in nukes in commercial airplanes, supposedly there's a "suitcase nuke" out there somewhere, so it's possible I guess. However, Iran doesn't, as far as the world and Israel knows, have regular nukes ... yet. Anyone that flew one into this country on a plane or anywhere else in the "west" and set it off upon arrival would be pretty dumb. Last night's retaliatory fireworks show would pale in comparison.

    Iran having nukes has been promised "within weeks" for a couple decades now by our erstwhile 57 former intelligence agents. Trust me, if the towel head Mullahs had nukes, everyone would know.

    I still don't understand why Regan didn't turn Iran into glass after the embassy hostages were freed. Think about what a different world it would be without that pissant country on the world map. Shoulda happened. We and Israel have been dealing with the consequences daily since.


    1. Think: dirty bombs. Over the last 10 years how many articles have you read where some medical radionuclide has gone missing?

  5. This seems a lot like “follow the plan” and servers in Germany”

    1. You speak the words that circulate in my head almost daily. Along with "tick-tock", "cold anger", and "red wave".

    2. There seems to be an echo in here.

  6. Riots are coming this summer, Palenstine bs and the illegals. Some of this feels like “trust the plan” and “servers in Germany.”

  7. Great and brilliant Blog, by the way. Been quiet fan for years now.

  8. history shows us that the left has never given up power without a fight. and when one thinks on it. this is the left wet dream team in power right now. their problem is they want even more power over us. like life and death kind of power.
    so, when I realize that. there is not a lot that I would put pass them to do to keep it. besides, for the last 2 plus years I have told people I don't really think we going to have a election this year. just look at how bad Biden looks in public. and they still backing this fool ? why? again. they already have something planned to win.
    I also think they will try to impose martial law as soon as they can get away with it. say, if the cash cards stop working for all of the illegals and they in turn go on a crime wave unlike anything we have seen before- the people want order- they pass/install martial law. gee, I wonder how many stingers where left behind in the sand box ?
    that would sure shut down air travel if planes started getting shot down by ragheads they let cross the boarder.
    and guess who is going to fill out the new army of peacekeepers ? any ideas ?
    stock up on food ,fuel and ammo. any and all meds will be worth their weight in gold after this shit show.
    just remember who did this to us and why. our time will come soon enough. dave in pa.

  9. we have reached that time of which churchill spoke, the time that we didn't choose to fight when we had the odds in our favor, so now we must fight with the odds stacked against us and no hope whatever of winning, because living in slavery is no living at all. ....nobody lives forever. jackson said, "the day of my death was written before i was even born. why then should i fear it?"

  10. Far as I know, homeowner insurance always had exclusions for acts of war and civil unrest. Hell, my first home policy had that. I remember it because I got a chuckle reading it when I signed.

    Far as locking us down, I'd expect Texas (where I live) and most if not all of the south to nullify that proclamation. They tried that before. Fool me once... doncha' know.

  11. The threat list is off the charts. Some mentioned above. Although the network of terrorist cells was omitted. One of my personal favs. All facilitated by people we were suppose to trust. From my little corner of the world I notice those guys that just wanted to be left alone buying bulk ammo. This is not going to end well.

  12. Think maybe the "Antifa protesters" ranks have swelled by some millions in the last few years? My neighbors (rich rancher/farmers) have lots of back hoes and land for trouble makers. Also, them and the hired help are all snipers, er, I mean hunters.

    1. Tree,
      I mean no disrespect, but anybody prepping for repeats of years ago is toast, way behind the curve.
      RulingElites and their wind-up toys are in the lead, products of Think Tanks gaming hundreds of thousands of scenarios hourly:
      * Burn this food facility, how many truckers lose income.
      * Trash that refinery, how many bankers lose a few billion fedbux.
      * Bomb this off-shore drill-rig, how many fishermen go bankrupt and lose their boats.
      RulingElites have zero interest in locations or individuals.
      It's all a game to them.
      And there is no goal, no discernable way to identify the end.
      It's all about the play.

  13. Unlikely we will know what is coming but you can be certain that whatever it is it will have been planned. As FDR said, nothing in politics happens by accident .

  14. At this point, just give me a target. I'm just tired of all the bullshit anymore.


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