Monday, April 15, 2024

Death Walked Through The Door A Little Earlier Than Usual...


  He slogged into the kitchen dragging his scythe behind him.

Mrs. Death turned from her chores at the the sink and remarked

"You're home early"

Death took a deep breathe and let out a long sigh.

"Ya, some guy laughed in my face today."

"He actually made ME nervous."

Mrs. Death was taken aback. "Are you serious?"

"Yes" replied Death , taking out his smart phone, "I filmed it."

"Here" passing the phone to her, " Push Play"

 She took the phone and with a thin , bony finger, pushed PLAY



  1. Thanks for starting out my morning with a much needed laugh.

  2. I have a couple trees he can cut.

  3. Dude has skillz. Lemme guess, OHSA is not within a thousand miles. - Nemo

  4. Just one mistake and it's over. Odds are against a long life.

  5. Friend of mine still cuts trees without a bucket truck. Climbs the tree and de-limbs it, then cuts it from the top down. Very similar - EXCEPT, he uses climbing boots and a safety strap.

  6. Save that dock!!

    For some reason I could not stop chuckling all the way through. A for effort though.

  7. WTF! He has the upper body strength of a monkey. No muscle builder could do that. That was pure power. There isn't a single person in America who could have done that. I doubt anyone could climb like that while holding on to a chainsaw. I kept looking to see if he had a tail.

  8. I remember seeing a video of a russian soldier who stopped a ukrainian FPV drone with his shovel, like hitting a baseball.

    it still killed him, but you have to admire the attempt. I wish I could find the video.

  9. Where life is cheap and gear is expensive.

  10. Just like Anon 9:30; I don't foresee a long future ahead of that man.
    What did surprise me was that The Boss has a YouTube channel. Interesting.

    Whitehall, NY

  11. I'll bet he's a real handful if rasslin is going on. Hell for stout,

  12. Got a big maple to take down so I watched this 5 or 6 times. I'd wear a shirt though cause I burn easily.

  13. Used to be this kid named Jerimiah that did that sort of thing.

    He cut 4 trees for me over the years.

    Sadly, he was killed by a jealous dude that was dating one of the many women he was fucking.
    Jerimiah was fearless when it came to life , especially tree climbing (and women).

    Dude was fearless.

  14. His balls must be detachable since they probably weigh too much and would get in the way.

  15. How was he able to climb the tree with his balls in the way?

  16. My oldest son owns a tree service biz and he's got a little Mex climber that's just about that crazy.

  17. I couldn’t decide whether to be totally impressed or horrified.


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