Thursday, April 18, 2024

Ted Cruz Goes Nuclear On Dems After Rejecting Mayorkas Trial And Refusing To Debate GOP

 Ol' Ted can have his moments, but I like what he is saying for the most part. He could have said what he had to say in about half the time, but politicians will bloviate.


  1. Truly DISGUSTING and CORRUPT - or just simply VERY DEMOcrat!! We ALL KNOW that even if they had been FORCED to follow the CONSTITUTION and have the trial they would have acquitted him no matter the evidence! Americans had better WAKE UP to their treachery and vote as many as they can OUT of offices - even the County Dog Catcher!!

  2. All talk , no action.

    1. With VERY few exceptions, they all are.

    2. While Texas is being overun by illegals 24/7 Cruz stays busy making podcasts with Ben Ferguson and tweeting out about Uganda's anti-gay laws. Who tf cares about what's going on in Uganda?
      # Priorities.

  3. As there is no "INACTION", Ultimately there will be "ACTION" when the "People" have had ENUFF talk, then there will be "ACTION" hopefully at the Ballet Box!

  4. I don't give a rat's patoot what they say. Screw ALL these thieving grifters... cuffed & stuffed or STFU.


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