Friday, April 19, 2024

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago.....















Be safe out there and enjoy the weekend!!


  1. What a collection and #146 FTMFW! Thank you very much, Irish!

  2. Number 327, is that Raquel?

  3. Sssoooooo, making for last week's comment on the dearth of vehicle and war bird pics. Not pickin' on ya chief. Can't help myself. Had to mention it along with plenty of beautiful buxom lasses showing us their spectacular assets. Nothing DD and bigger boobs to warm an old man's heart on Friday night. That honey in the lime green top was especially nice along with the rest of the flashers in this week's sensational collage.

    Thanks and have a great weekend.

  4. Nice looking older lady on 10, 43, 146, nice you name it on 11, 104, nice buttered buns on 29, nice goose bumps on 38, nice roses on 41, nice I'm ready on 84, nice "Hurry" on 85, nice bouncy on 107, nice crossbelts on 115, nice bush on 116.

  5. #140, second from the left. She's indicating girth, but how does she know?

  6. The Standard of Excellence yet again.

  7. My tongue came out there at 146. Lot of great pontiacs this week. Thanks Irish.

  8. A few more rear views would be very nice.

  9. 1 - I'll take that bet.
    14 - '78 F350 Custom Crew Cab
    19 - I always identified with that movie.
    22 - Carol Imhof December 1970 PMOTM
    23 - This restored B-17 bears the markings of Thunder Bird. The original Thunderbird was based at Molesworth, England during WWII. Attached to the 359th Bomb Squadron, 303rd Bomb Group, Eighth Air Force, it flew 112 bombing missions over Europe.
    24 - The last airworthy B-24 Liberator , owned by the Collins Foundation.
    The B-17 Liberator in the fore ground is the "9-0-9", also owned by Collins. She was the bird that crashed October 2nd, 2019 at Bradley Int'l Airport in Windsor, Connecticut . Engine failure just after take off. Seven people died.
    27 - I love a Hot Mom
    28 - 1974 Ford Landau Australian Muscle car
    30 - She looks mighty comfy.
    34 - 1952 Ford 3/4 Ton F2 with a Marmon & Harrington 4x4 conversion
    37 - Unfortunately, those aren't Cobra prices. GT350 Was the Shelby Mustang. New reproductions start at $289k!
    38 - Looks chilly there.
    42 - That is a proper breakfast - ONLY if real maple syrup is served.
    53 - Very shapely for a tiny little darlin'.
    56 - Lewis Air Legends F7F Tigercat and Confederate Air Force's F6F Hellcat at 2019 Wings Over Houston airshow.
    58 - Clean '79 F150
    61 - OOOooooo! Mustang!
    62 - 67 RS/SS Camaro
    69 - Somebody's gran-ma's getting ready to get their van freak on, back in the day.
    71 - Columbus, Ohio's : Classic Ford Broncos For the paltry sum of $185,000 to $220,000 , you can have one too.
    72 - A gorgeous '67 F100 shorty in 2WD.
    76 - The, Short S25 Sunderland, patrol bomber flying boat. Dubbed the "Flying Porcupine" .
    77 - My hotly contested POTN!
    83 - Raquel Welch
    84 - Andi James Erotic actress
    87 - POTN 2nd Alternate
    88 - A-10 Demo Team's paint scheme for the 2023 airshow season. Paying homage to the Memphis Belle.
    90 - The Confederate Air Force's B-29 FiFi.
    92 - Very cute.
    93 - OK. Prove it.......
    101 - MOTN 1st Alternate
    102 - I love pokies!
    112 - Another cutie.
    114 - What an awesome cabin. Perfectly appointed.
    120 - POTN 3rd Alternate
    121 - Looks like breakfast is ready.
    129 - POTN 1st Alternate
    130 - Lauren Summer - 29 yo glamour model
    131 - Hot Granny
    134 - Guys, find yourself a girl that knows where the hydraulic pump is on an H. You are going to need them.
    135 - Jessica Rabbit looks exhausted, and satisfied.
    139 - Roberta Pedon was in two movies and about a dozen skin mags. Died young, at 28.
    140 - My offer still stands.
    141 - 30 years ago.....
    142 - She looks fun.
    146 - My MILF of the Night
    148 - "There's a storm coming".
    149 - It definitely is.

    A nice end to a wet week.
    Thanks, Boss.

    Whitehall, NY

  10. #103 FTW


  11. I saw two different pictures of several ladies holding their finger and thumb about an inch apart.
    It hurt my feelings, because I know they are just showing my chances of ever sleeping with any single one of them.
    I also hear guys whose bucket list is to have a threesome. I have absolutely no interest in that. I don't think I could take disappointing two women at the same time.
    I have only slept with women that I was married to. I have been married twice. For me, sex with someone you love is better than anything else I can imagine.
    But I still love to look at beautiful gals no matter what their age. A MILF is to me almost better than an 18 year old. Almost. Thanks again Irish, for yet another fantastic Friday. You are appreciated.

  12. Hot out of the gate with some classic Detroit Muscle. Love it, especially as we hear all about the BIG3 failure to sell EVs. I have nothing against EVs and might own one some day. But I'll be damned if I let Biden/Obama force me into that as a way of life (that does not work for the country). Lots of classic MILFs as well. They seem to age as well as the cars. When I got to #19 Falling Down, I just stopped, stared, re-read, and smiled. How many of us nodded in agreement. Amazing what 30 years can do for a movie. Should I be concerned that it makes more sense now...

  13. Gawd I love tiddies!!!!

  14. Thank you, thank you very much.

  15. One of your best!

    1. I wholeheartedly agree, well done!

  16. #22. Cynthia Myers. 1968 bunny. She was 17 years old at the photo shoot. What a classic look!!! Love the 60s girls!

  17. #12 - love curled pepperoni
    #46 - my dad had a 70s Grand Prix - fun car
    lots of nice thingies too

  18. How does one see numbers?

    1. click on any image, see bottom of screen.

    2. Tap on any image and a scroll of thumbnail images with numbers will appear at the bottom of the page

  19. I am really gonna miss this place when the power goes off for good.
    Be well all.

  20. Thanks for a Great Friday!!!!! A bunch of nice aircraft. I will have to do my home work on the Sea Planes. Thanks again,


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