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AUSTIN, Texas — Employees at the University of Texas at Austin are now feeling the impact of the statewide diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) ban.

UT plans to lay off dozens of employees who previously held DEI-related positions at the university as part of the fallout from Senate Bill 17.

Some UT students said they and the staff were shocked when the news dropped. 

“Honestly, I cried and I was angry," Aaliyah Barlow, president of the Black Student Alliance, said.

"A lot of people are upset," UT junior Chrisdianna Mcafee said . "All of my group chats are raging. All of the GroupMes, all of the Slacks – everybody is raging."



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  1. My heart bleeds purple peanut butter for the stupid cocksuckers.

    1. Some sentences deserve to be chiseled into stone.

  2. The money previously squandered on DEI will be "redeployed to support teaching and research."
    Well, imagine that.

  3. Is that Ron Howards brother, on an episode of Star Trek?

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  6. As a Longhorn who have watched my alma mater fall so far to become a butt of a joke, good riddance.

    Funny the nitwits of the student group mentioned in the snippet were already entitled little buggers 40 years ago. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

  7. Meanwhile, I just got off the phone with an old friend. Her daughter is now 26 yrs. In high school, she made varsity in three sports. She was president of local FFA, then treasurer. She founded a charity org and a book club. All while keeping a high GPA.

    These days, having graduated university with a masters, she works three jobs just like since before high school. It's not that she lacks money, the gal is a human dynamo and needs to stay busy being productive. She is more busy than I mentioned.

    I've known dozens (literally) of kids like that. No silver spoon, just raised right. Most were home schooled.

  8. So DEI got a good swift kick in the ass / kicked to the curb, when compared to actual competence/need for a joblike employment , please don't ask me to feeel sorry for them , I have multiple layers of scorn/ derision /spite to point out their waste of $$ and time , being a total waste of humanity ... ( bigger question is , if they cut all the waste/expenses , proffs, useless classes/degrees , will it and/or life in general get any less expensive in a world that seems to be hell bent on destroying itself from the inside ??? ) Now those of us who never went to college or higher education somehow end up paying their bills ??? Just so Pedo kid sniffer ( notice how nobody has ever published a pic of the racist sniffing a black kid ) Poopypants pResident FJB can buy some votes ???

  9. Should save the tax payers a ton of money. No give a Fucks left for them.

  10. One of the most amazing comments in the article was the one from the student complaint there would be no one to write recommendations for them anymore. So in other words, rather than relying on professors in their disciplines or other academic areas, they were getting a DEI hall pass.

  11. After 50 years of DEI , by many other names, we're seeing the end results all around us every single day.....

  12. here's what you can do if you're upset. go to an all black college and complain about why there are not enough white students at this racist mofo.

  13. Groupmes? Slacks? The irony of how these worthless twits automatically divided themselves into special groups is deep, rich and hilarious!

  14. Then they wonder why college tuition is so exorbitantly high and students learn next to nothing while there. This statement "funding will be redeployed to support teaching and research" tells the story.

    That "funding" should be PULLED, since it was being misused and will probably STILL be misused. Guaranteed DEI will rear its ugly head in some other form shortly. It's the DEMONRAT way.


  15. Are these petulant children familiar with the phrase 'Sucks to be you'?


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