Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Have A Good Laugh Before You Hit The Hay...








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  1. I saw Jim Breuer a couple of years ago at of all places, my town of Muskegon, Michigan. He is hilarious, and pushes the edge of the envelope without quite going over the edge.
    He spoke about how if he went out of the building in one direction it was like a paradise. But if he went the OTHER WAY, things were much darker. Like in dangerous, etc. He caught that just from one afternoon of looking around our city. He is a quick study.
    While we have a thriving minority community, like Detroit, their own city, called of all things, Muskegon Heights, that city is a hell hole with boarded up businesses, a McDonalds that folded about 4 months after it started, and was leased by around 5 or 6 different people from that area, with things like a chicken shack, a soul food restaurant, and other things, that all had one thing in common. The people who lived in that area made it impossible for them to operate a profitable business.
    If you want more just look at the Heights school system. And how the state of Michigan, under the Empress of Lansing, Gretchen Whitlesss, bailed them out for BILLIONS. Money that comes from every taxpayer in Michigan. Of course her and the Democrats had to spend the extra money that the state had from the Covid funds, or they risked having to, by law, cut the tax rate for the citizens of the state. You know how that would harm the Democrats.


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