Thursday, June 8, 2023

Whether Or Not You Agree or Disagree With His Politics, This Interview and Overall Message is worth the 20 minutes...


  Roger has obviously been passionate about the hot-button conflict between Israel and Palestine.

In this interview he offers a strong message of his feelings and convictions and explains many

unanswered questions on the reasons for his stance, and some insight to his life.


 Again, you may not agree with the man and his convictions but he explains the whys.









  1. The problem is that Roger has seen only half the story. The leaders of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas are stealing their people blind and amassing billions of wealth for themselves and their henchmen from foreign aid that was supposed to go to infrastructure, schools, etc. Also Hamas used that money, not to build community infrastructure, but rather build “terror tunnel” networks from which they store and launch rockets and launch them indiscriminately into Israel. Some of these tunnels cross the border into Israel, and Hamas uses those to promote their terror agenda. These Palestinians do not want a 2-state solution, they want it all, to the exclusion of the Israelis. One of Israel’s mistakes was leaving Gaza and turning their control over it to the Palestinians, where Hamas eventually seized control.

    Israel has does not have a problem with Muslims or Arabs. A large percentage of their citizens are Arab-Israelis who serve in the Army, and have good jobs or run businesses. The Israeli Muslims and Arabs for the most part have a problem with the Palestinians, who no other Arab country, including Jordan, Egypt and and Saudi Arabia want. There is a predominantly Arab-Israeli town on the West Bank under a Israeli control. They recently had a referendum as to whether they wanted to remain under Israeli control or be under the Palestinian Authority. A supermajority voted to remain under Israeli control.

    There is nothing that can be done to solve this problem, especially when the Palestinians are indoctrinated from Kindergarten onward to commit jihad against Israel. and when they die doing so, their mothers publicly speak as to the greatness of their martyrdom. The problem is compounded by the pay to slay position of the Palestinian authority, whereby each time a Palestinian terrorist kills an Israeli and is killed himself, the Palestinian Authority pays a generous stipend to his family, part of which comes out of EU and US tax dollars that are given to the Palestinian Authority ostensibly for aid.

    The only thing that Roger said that I agree with, is the reprehensible behavior of SOME Israelis chanting “death to Palestinians.” That only fuels the fire. He pointed out some problems, but offers no viable solutions. He can’t because there are none. As such, Israel is doing the best that they can under the circumstances, even though sometimes it may appear that they are violating Palestinian rights.

    Israel has

  2. It blows me away. People talk about jewish perfidy…and the jews invariably prove them correct by mounting a vicious underhanded, coordinated attack to destroy them. Every single time. Once you see it, you can’t un-see it. I won’t say anymore lest I end up on another watch list…

    1. please provide a couple examples of these "vicious underhanded, coordinated attacks"

    2. Ah, good morning hasbara, various shekels are being deposited into your account in these comments. Thread derailment accomplished! Toda!

      “For by deception thou shalt do war.”

  3. More or less reminds me of Barbra Streisand trying to explain her ultra-liberal stances when she found she was losing her popularity, Yeah, there are the ultra-liberals who worship her no matter what she says, just as there are the those of the anti-Semitic/anti-Israeli right (and left) who will worship Roger Waters no matter what he says.
    At the end of the day, they're both just aging singers.

  4. I don't doubt for a moment that there are plenty Jewish folk that have a huge problem with some Arab people. I'm also quite certain that the Israeli Government has policies that suck. But I'm just as sure that every Arab government and every Muslim based organization on the fucking planet wants every single Jew dead, now, today, this afternoon if possible. Not to mention a bunch of Christians. If there was a big red button that would make every Jew disappear about a third of the planet would push it, so I'm not surprised that they're a touch sensitive about it.

    Israel sits in a sea of outright, unabashed, insanely violent Islamic zealots! They hold a tiny shoebox of territory in a frigging football field of a region that is populated by people that claim that all they want is half of that shoebox and everything will be fine. If Roger wants to believe that after "reading, and reading, and reading some more" then so be it. I don't really give shit what some old British musician has to say about anything, but I don't think his life should be ruined.

    I do know that there is no such thing as a nation of Palestine and there never has been, it's a region, like New England or Western Europe, that has historically been home to Jews and Arabs. There's no such thing as a Palestinian race, that does not exist, never did. So if anyone wants to "expose truth" if we could start there, that'll be great.

  5. It would seem to me that Roger has been drinking the Palestinian Kool-Aid.

    1. Deep State hates those drinkers of Kool Aid, don’t they?.
      The enemy of my enemy is my, in this case, my guitarist.

  6. Anon 8:06 and Matthew 9:38 - Agreed, on both counts.
    Waters has been spewing this tripe for over 30 years.
    Typical leftist.
    It's all fine and good until the mob turns and starts feeding on them, then the "woe is me" mantra comes out.

  7. I always enjoyed the older Pink Floyd stuff, but quit listening when it took a political turn... anything after "Wish You Were Here". The term "useful idiot" kept popping into my brain while watching his rant. A self-important washed up lefty who's outlived his usefulness gets a taste of his future. Poor Roger. It sucks that the world has come to this, but irony is still entertaining.

  8. David once slew goliath the Philistine of Palestine with a rock

  9. Not just his politics his music sucks too.

  10. Shut up and sing.
    Nobody cares what you think.
    You're being paid to entertain, not preach.

  11. And devout communists can explain why we must all give up our property and wealth, give them total control over everything and willingly allow them to decide who lives and dies...for the good of "society". Doesn't make them anymore correct than Waters. Having a reason for your beliefs does NOT make your beliefs valid.

  12. Some great comments above.

    My hopefully helpful contributions…

  13. How to pretend to not embrace anti-Semitism, while attempting to advance it - a case study.

    This gal nails it…

    I hope that the parallels to Herr Waters’ approach are clear enough.

    And yes, he does have a right to his passionate expression of his profound ignorance.

  14. Hmmm... Not too interested in what an "entertainer" thinks(? is that the right word?). How about "we" get somebody to tamp down the nuclear embers? What about a twofer? Since The United States' colonial overlords have flooded "New Russia", and cut off water for a decade to Crimea (Older "New Russia"), and Putin (with sidekick Xi) seem to be able to get the Mid-East dictators to cooperate, maybe a package deal: Ukraine and Israel go back to their United Nations' designated borders, foreign "peacekeepers" keep them on their side of the lines, and we all go back to sleep?

  15. Honestly i think ole Roger should just sit back and embrace his lyrics from the 72 song Free Four off Obscured by clouds that he wrote. Its fitting now.

  16. Waters is entitled to his political opinions, just as people are entitled to turn off the radio and not buy his albums nor go to his concerts. Get over it.

    But anyone who's listened to The Wall and thinks it glorifies fascism or totalitarianism, rather than indicting and ridiculing it, must also think that The Wizard of Oz is a tragedy intended to show the unfair treatment of the Wicked Witch by an illegal alien and a rag-tag band of murderers who invaded her home.

    Fucking idiots, one and all.

    Like or hate Waters, his music, and/or his politics. IDGAF.

    But Cancel Culture is always the refuge of bullies and lackwit cowards whose idea cannot compete in the marketplace of ideas.

    1. @Aesop June 8, 2023 at 7:41 PM

      "the refuge of bullies and lackwit cowards whose idea cannot compete in the marketplace of ideas"


  17. Dayum Assop, as much as I disagree with you on some things, sometimes you hit the nail right square on the head! Good thoughts on this, and about the cancel culture cretins of the proverbial dynasty of the labial lackwits!

  18. Seems there is more money to be made killing Palestinian kids than feeding them. Just like there is more money to be made shooting Russians than working out a peace plan.
    Ukranians are freedom fighters, but Palestinians are terrorists?
    The irony of Israel turning into a facist regime who sees enemies everywhere.

    1. Israel isn’t Fascist.

      You are falling for the same propaganda that is fooling Mr. Waters.

      The “palestinians” lie. The world believes, and is often complicit in the lies.

      a couple more examples.

      The information is out there if one is interested in looking. It’s not in the MSM, so it requires a bit of digging and some critical thinking.

      We all know that the legacy media lie about everything. But about Israel they are telling the truth??!!!! …..🙄 Please.

  19. look, I am as entertained by the Israel v Palestinian thing and the Uke v Rooski thing as anyone, but for fuck's sake, can we do something about the shit around here that needs fixin'; and the buttload of money we need here not there? Just a cogent thought.
    Original Grandpa

  20. I watched and listen to it all. The accusation made against him is that he is a nazi and glorifies nazis. I'd say that's a lie on the face of it. The cancel culture mob out to cancel him are just the regular cancel scumbags and they're everywhere nowadays. His regard for the palestinian arabs was formed much the way my regard for the jews in israel was formed (at a tender age when I read a book). I doubt it will change much and there's nothing anyone can do to change it now. The book was Exodus by leon uris and I read it from my parent's library when I was 10.
    He is taking the path he learned as a young man just as Rachel Corrie trod the same path. That's no reason to cancel either of them. We don't really have enough people of good will and conviction who make an effort to inform themselves. He argues in favor of that so he can stay in the column of people I'll listen to even if I disagree with him.

  21. I like shemites.
    I am pro-shemites.
    I lived and worked all over this particular planet, including among shemites.
    Every Arabian shemite I know is decent folk.
    I bet a lot of non-Arabian shemites are doing the best they can.
    Can you imagine an equivalent wall protecting Americans.
    Can you imagine American border guards aiming rifles at each legal entrant during a skin-visible frisk.
    Can you imagine any entrant is issued a one-day visa, and must follow an approved route to work or shop.
    Can you imagine any deviation from that route is a capital offense... and that summary execution can be carried out by any American at any time for any reason.
    Can you imagine any illegal entrant attempt is met with lethal force.

    yep, plenty of videos to watch .


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