Friday, June 9, 2023

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago......









 Stay safe out there and enjoy the weekend !!






  1. Pure perfection as always Irish.

  2. Nice plush on 5, nice everything on 24, nice sprinkles on 31, nice high and tight on 45, nice tush on 50, 51, nice chewies on 55, 62, nice looking older lady on 57, nice direction finders on 59, nice throw pillows on 64, nice undercarriage on 69, noble sentiment on 97, nice bouncy on 99, 117, nice letdown on 108.

  3. Is the gal with LP Brittany Daniel?

  4. #6 - I'd eat that.
    #29 - I'd eat that too.
    #36 - Which false eyelashes are correct for shooting an AR with irons?
    #40 - Damn, that's purty!
    #46 - Little Timmy is scarred for life.
    #48 - That's not how you handle a vinyl record. Edges only, and label!
    #125 - I wouldn't eat those.

    Thanks, as always, Irish. Great start to the weekend.

  5. Nothing shows off the female form like a dirndl. Not even the softest most faded blue jeans (which would be second).

  6. So what's the meaning of 119? Here's some LSD-laced sugar cubes. Come take it with us and spend the next 6 hours tripping and frolicking with our naked bodies? I'm in.

  7. #126 for the ultimate win!

  8. Replies
    1. She's a funny little number. Mid-2009, Real Madrid wanted to sell Rafael van der Vaart, but he decided to stay in Madrid because Sylvie was undergoing cancer treatments there. In 2010, she admitted to having cheated on her husband, the rest is history. Typical story.

  9. 2 - BOOM! Right out of the gate - My POTN!
    3 - Other than the hair, what 25 years ago looked like.
    4 - Come and Take It? Are you offering, Darlin'?
    5 - Just, Damn!
    7 - Waaaay too much makeup.
    9 - I know she already knows my favorite way.
    12 - Had me at John Deere.
    19 - I'm kind of sensing a Farm Girl trend. I like it.
    20 - The best part of waking up, started 30 minutes ago.
    22 - '80-'86 Ford OBS
    27 - Those had to be Mustang prices, not Cobras. Besides, no rear seat in a Cobra.
    30 - Freckles. The ultimate connect the dots game.
    34 - The culmination of the Triple Nickle family.
    38 - Sorry to have kept you waiting. You could have started without me. My POTN 1st Alternate
    46 - Yeah. That is messed up.
    48 - Flexibility is good.
    49 - Another look into the past. I sure miss 25 years ago........
    57 - GILF
    58 - Rather pleasant and comfy looking. POTN 2nd Alternate
    68 - Whether poisonous or not - Copperheads are always dangerous and often deadly.
    78 - Looks like our Financial Manager, where I work.
    83 - So true.
    84 - That's a fact, JACK!
    88 - I'd take the middle-left brunette. Thank you very much.
    89 - Sigh.... Not in my lifetime.
    93 - Do you take half-off for midget hookers? Asking for a friend.......
    94 - Piss off soy boy. Trucks are for REAL men or REAL women.
    98 - That's nice.
    99 - Perfect shape, size, and presentation.
    100 - How I lost my kidney.
    107 - Better start stripping. Not going to make top money now. Sure as hell won't in a couple years.
    115 - Evil Incarnate & Company
    117 - Real is always best.
    119 - The only thing better than a MILF of the Night; is a MOTN and her horny friend. Competing for the Title!
    123 - Here kitty, kitty.
    124 - Looks like Punch Buggy hit a telephone pole. HARD!
    125 - Perfect after breakfast treat.

    Great collection, Boss.


  10. I’m not normally a fan of the girls who are “broad across the bottom” but I’ll be damned if Ms. #69 isn’t the best looking gal of the bunch…
    Thanks for the great collection, again.

  11. Better late than never, me I mean. Despite what I wrote on the TFIF post earlier today, I completely forgot it was Friday sometime late this PM. Thus here I am at 11:30PM commenting.

    Some REALLY smokin red headed soul stealers. That babe at 63 is rrreeeaaallllllyyy fine, as is 77 with the read hair and THOSE ice blue EYES, that's danger. The poker hand and Calvin & Hobbes are spot on especially in light of the second bbboooooolllssshhhiiittt indictment of Trump. They better hope he doesn't get re-elected because the Demonrats are going to find out what real retribution is all about. A couple nice flashers and some fur towards the end round out another spactacular edition of Friday Femme Fatale.\

    Canadian wildfire smoke's getting bad again. I could actually easily smell it today.

    Thanks and have a great weekend.


  12. 11:00 Central and no comments? Where'ed everyone go?

    Thanks Irish!

  13. Good ole' Irish reminding us all that if you're gonna get your balls blown off for a word, that word should be POONTANG.👍

  14. What gorgeous babes and cool cars!
    I need more of both in my life.
    One of the ladies is a contributor's wife? Or am I misremembering? Kudos to the couple.

  15. Nice plush on 5, nice everything on 24, nice sprinkles on 31, nice high and tight on 45, nice tush on 50, 51, nice banjo eyes on 55, nice older lady on 57, nice direction finders on 59, 62, nice throw pillows on 64, nice undercarriage on 69, noble sentiment on 97, nice bouncy on 99, 117, nice throwdown on 108.

  16. Irish must be very busy or in the hospital. No comments posted on a FFF by Sat morning?

    Hope Irish is busy enjoying some life with his family, maybe riding in the rain for bike week or something.

  17. #21 I think. A perfect trifecta, beautiful lady, nice bike and a good doggo. The rest are good too.

  18. The last one sums up these days, awesome!!!!!!

  19. The women, the cars, the food, it's all excellent. Thanks again for all you do.
    Stay safe

  20. Fine selection today. Thank you.


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